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Green Crack dank vapes is an unadulterated Sativa. Also, this bud has sweet fruity/tropical/citrus enhance, tight nugs with splendid orange hairs. Therefore, green Crack crack is an unadulterated Sativa, Nice and intense, Green Crack weed strain is an ideal vitality picker-upper, will make you ricochet off the dividers or give enough vitality to finish a monotonous errand (ie: clean your carport). Lastly, This is best for morning and daytime use.

In addition, It initiates a vivacious, euphoric cerebral buzz. Builds center, helps innovativeness, props you up throughout the day. An ideal vitality supporter. Reduces misery, soothes pressure, animates hunger

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Hereditary qualities

Ancestry: Sativa descendant from Skunk #1 and Indica descendent from the Afghani strain.

Indica/Sativa Ratio